10. The Devine Approach

To be aware of who we've been and why we're here, it is crucial to know the distinction between cognitive information and experiential awareness. To illus¬trate, should you were being a non–swimmer and wished to discover how to swim, you might read some textbooks on the topic, you may talk to knowledgeable swim¬mers and you could potentially view persons swimming. All of this would Supply you with some cognitive knowledge of the topic but your understanding would nevertheless be incomplete right until you jumped in to the h2o and felt the water’s buoyancy, strain, temperature and practiced Newton’s 3rd law of physics: For each and every action, There exists an equivalent and opposite response. Using this type of expertise of remaining within the drinking water, your idea of swim¬ming would grow to be Substantially richer and much more comprehensive.
The Creator (in some cases known as God, Supply, Everything Is, and so on.), who experienced established every little thing, experienced a cognitive being familiar with about all of creation. It didn't, having said that, possess the knowledge of all the things, and it realized that, with no experien¬tial awareness, its comprehending was not as abundant as it could be.
The Creator, then, set out to amass experiential expertise in all of creation to ensure that it might have a richer expertise in everything and in order that it might have new matters and experiences to produce. That’s The theory at the rear of how our reality began.
That idea gave start into the Creator dividing itself, and in a sense, heading off in all Instructions to develop experiences for by itself. It divided, sub–divided and fragmented to protect most of the dimen¬sions, realities, universes – everything, Everybody, each and every¬wherever and everywhen.
Now, to be familiar with our role in all of this, picture a number of of such all–impressive, Creator fragments floating around in some unimaginable location and debating what they need to do to make a new practical experience for his or her enrichment. I’m guaranteed they didn’t float around in some spot or truly discussion, but in my minimal creativity, I am able to see that they could have someway hit upon the idea: “Hey, how about we expertise one thing absolutely unique from what we've been? Alright, what?”
Perfectly, we've been unified, i.e. all is one, and one is all, so let’s encounter disunity or separation. Also, we're limitless, so Allow’s expertise what it’s wish to be constrained. Two Concepts, absolutely reverse to exactly what the Creator genuinely is: unified and unrestricted.
So, hitting on People two Concepts, these all–strong areas of The Creator established out to make a universe that would offer and assist the knowledge of separation and limitation. They then designed time, Room, duality and issue, and every one of the stuff of what we consult with because the third density or the third dimension of consciousness – 3D.
Next, in order to set them selves into this uni¬verse in order that they might have this knowledge. They subdivided even more right down to the level of what we contact the soul. Throughout pregnancy, the spiritual soul merges having a physical fetus to be a individual and, immediately after start, sets out to get their personal distinctive human experience, which finally contributes to The complete.
To acquire these kinds of an expertise, completely and legitimately, nevertheless, we must experience a strategy of forgetting what we really are; or else, we’d be cheating ourselves of the entire practical experience.
Last but not least, as you most likely picked up from prior articles, we've been finding near to exhausting all the experience, Discovering and developing that we may get from 3D and we will before long be graduating to 4D, and that is a condition of enlightenment, exactly where a good deal of the limitation and separation lifts and we develop into considerably less physical and more spiritual.
This wraps up my number of ten posts on the topic of consciousness. The Concepts that I set ahead come from many resources, They may be summaries of what is elaborated on in my ebook on Spirituality and also you unquestionably don’t should feel any of these Strategies.
Should you donji ves marke are interested, on the other hand, I give you the challenge of pondering these Strategies, contrasting them with other factors of view and coming to your individual conclusions. I didn’t arrive to these Strategies very easily but, after a few years of exploring distinctive facets of metaphysics, they are the ideal explanations I have think of to date.
Obviously, for those who’d like some elaboration on these metaphysical ideas, related to consciousness, you will find it in my guide on Spirituality, which, with its lots of testimonials, can be viewed on my Web site at: :_Understanding_It_and_Pu... .

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